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trompeagain 4.17.38 PM (1)Trompe L’Oeil is the story of a unique artist who refused to accept the truth – that the only woman he ever loved is dead. Simon Lister has the extraordinary power to do something about it. This is not a mystical story, nor a ghost story. This is a story of great love, power and madness.   – Gardner McKay 

I have just moments ago finished a book that fascinated, frustrated, aroused and amazed me. It is like nothing I have ever read, something I realize now that could only have evolved from one unfettered imagination, one remarkable mind, one monkishly-disciplined writer whose previous creations, varied and whimsical as they are, gave no hint to what he was ultimately capable of creating… I am quite speechless. My God the man could write!!!!!   – Colby Chester

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    • Aloha Barb, Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry for the delay. I am still editing and hoping to publish Trompe l’Oeil before the end of the summer.

  1. I have toyer, its my favorite book . I will be looking to collect all of gardner McKay ‘s books. I remember him from adventures in paradise when I was a small child,it was my mother;s favorite show. toyer is an incredible book, love the ending. cannot wait for the movie .

    • Hello Victoria,
      Thank you for your kind comments on Gardner’s work. I’m working hard to get the next novel, Trompe L’Oeil, out and hope to have it available in print and Kindle versions before November ’14.

  2. Hi Madeleine. I don’t know how to reach you other than this venue for book comments. I am about to finish Journey Without A Map, which I’ve enjoyed tremendously. Just prior to this I read The Kinsman and Toyer. Just bought Sea Marks for my Kindle. I really love reconnecting with Gardner through his writing. I was one of the 14 year olds glued to the TV for every episode of Adventures In Paradise.

    My questions: I wonder if your work is exhibited anywhere or if prints are available? I have seen your paintings on your website and find them serene, thought provoking and beautiful. Is there, by chance, a book of your work?
    Next, are your husband’s short stories available in print? I’ve looked for them on Amazon with no luck.

    Many thanks.


    • Aloha Pam,

      Thanks very much for your post and kind remarks on Gardner’s work. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy reading his work. If you feel moved to do so, please do post a review on Amazon, as it is the only way I have to publicize his work. My goal is to publish all of Gardner’s unpublished work. I eventually hope to publish a collection of his short stories, but first must publish his novel Trompe L’Oeil. The book is taking a little longer than expected, it is a substantial novel (550 page) – but I hope to be ready to publish it before the end of the year, possibly by November.

      As to my work…I have not been painting for most of this past two years. Working on Gardner’s body of work, editing, formatting and so forth, has occupied my days. I have several small painting currently on display in The Hamilton Galleries, in Santa Monica, California – also here in Honolulu, at The Cedar Street Galleries. My work is also available from my website. Alas, I do not have prints or a book available, only the original oil paintings.

      Again, thank you for your kind words.


      • Hello again. Thank you for your reply. I’ll get in line with Amazon on Trompe L’Oeil. Love the name! I majored in French and the term’s concept is intriguing to me.

        I’ve never written a review of anything, let alone Amazon. I loved the 2 plays that took place off the coast of Ireland. The way they were written, I could envision every scene clearly. I’m curious why he chose to write about that part of the world. You may not have any idea. But I thought the plays were powerful and hope they are still produced. The Gaelic language, included throughout, would be daunting unless you could cast people who know the language. I loved the love affair torn asunder by lifestyles and distance, though very much alive.

        Very glad to learn you are thinking of putting his short stories together for publication! Are there many things he wrote but never got to the publisher? When I lived in Kansas City, prior to my moving to Montana in 1992, I knew Eden Lee Murray who is married to Roger Jellinak (spelling). When I saw mention made of Roger, whom I’ve never met, at the end of one of the books by Gardner I’ve read, I figured he is Eden Lee’s husband.



  3. Aloha Madeleine,
    I want express to you how very much I appreciate the persistence, time and devotion you have extended to make Gardner’s works available to his audience. We eagerly await the release of “Trompe L’oeil. You have given so much of yourself to make this possible. Please do not give up your art, as it is equally extraordinary as well. I am well and hope that you are as well. Best Wishes, Lynn

    • Mahalo Lynn,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I am still working steadily on Trompe L’Oeil with high hopes of publishing by the end of the year.



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