Stories on the Wind: Volume II

Stories_on_the_Wind_Cover_for_KindleSTORIES ON THE WIND: Volume II

Stories on the Wind: Volume II: This is the second anthology of short stories named after Gardner’s radio show of the same title that ran on Hawaii Public Radio form 1995 –– 2001. Below I include a précis of some of those stories in this collection.





DER WALDERGEIST: A brother sees, emerging from a tabletop, the hair and profile of the older brother he abandoned as a boy, playing in a dead tree one winter in Germany.

AUGUST 11: A man and his aborted son celebrate the son’s twenty-first birthday.

THE MALOCCHIO PEARLS: in Tilliantown, Maine, a woman discovers a strand of pearls hidden 42-years ago by the fiance she always assumed had abandoned her. The pearls become responsible for three deaths.

THE KITE STRING: in a place he’s never been, a boy finds a kite in a tree and follows the string to its source and discovers dead boys who had done the same.

THE GRIEF OF SHOES: A mother’s rape is recalled through a child’s eyes.

THE FALLING WINEGLASS: In Greenwich Village, an incestuous marriage between beautiful, talented twins ends badly.

THE CROW WHO WROTE: A New Jersey hunter who saves a crow’s life is killed because of a neighbor’s prank.

TOM: In his dog’s water bowl a boy sees Michael, his drowned twin, whom he has never been told about.

GRACE AND QUALITY: In Louisiana, a uncomplicated local athlete who has always loved the town’s princess, saves her life (to his chagrin) at the train crossing.

PROVENANCE: A returned islander, 25-years a convict on the mainland, finds Hawaii lost to him.

EX LIBRIS; in Provence, a man who has poisoned his wife and lover, finds on his shelves a book that loses stories one by one and describes his murder.

THE MAN WHO FORGOT TO DIE: A man who writes about our society’s impotents turns out to be one himself.

ALL THAT MATTERS: A couple who writes trashy romance novels that their dreadful romances are stronger than the realities they are facing.



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