Stories on the Wind: An Anthology of Short Stories

Stories_on_the_Wind_Cover_for_KindleSTORIES ON THE WIND

Stories on the Wind is an anthology of short stories. Named after Gardner’s radio show of the same title that ran on Hawaii Public Radio form 1995 –– 2001. This is a collection of suspenseful, gothic, eerie, otherworldly, some scary, and startling short stories …

AN INCIDENT NEAR SHAMBALA; a married yuppie graduates to manhood among lions.

MRS. SONDEGAARD; A Nobel Peace Prize laureate is found to have evolved from a diabolic but pivotal childhood.

41 NORTH, 49 WEST; on the boat deck of an ocean liner in the mid-Atlantic, a man considering suicide encounters a Titanic passenger from the neighborhood.

THE YELLOWFIN; a story of a the man who is towed out to sea, and his own death,  by the fish he hooks….that is, the fish he hooks hooks him.

QUID PRO QUO; a mother owl extracts revenge from the Fifth Avenue family responsible for her owlet’s demise.

ONE SUMMER IN CHARENTE; during World War II, a French farm boy kills an older cousin he loves and her lover, an enemy soldier.

THE PINCHBECK GENIUS; a classic painter creates an artist to give a critic what he wants.

THE WITNESS’ TALE; a well-meaning robbery victim becomes the victim of his charity.

INTO THE ROSE GARDEN; a woman who upgrades houses for resale, is destroyed by a rose garden she plans to convert into a badminton court.

BUTTERWEED; The Storyman who reads stories on the radio accepts an invitation from a listener who offers him a house that has been held in the past.

One thought on “Stories on the Wind: An Anthology of Short Stories

  1. I have a collection of all these tapes and have listened to them multiple times. Favorites,One Summer in Charente, An Incident Near Shambala and the Yellowfin. It’s also great to hear Gardner read them

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